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What Is it?

What is

Search Engine Optimisation (SEO) is a method used to increase the visibility of your website by making it more appealing to search engines. When a search engine ranks your website, it examines it for a number of key factors. These include relevancy (does your website contain keywords related to the search?), quality (do you have high quality content that is regularly updated?) and performance (is your website fast and easy to browse?).

The world of SEO / SEM is always changing and growing, so there are always improvements that you can implement that will improve your visibility on search engine results. Our specialists always keep up to date on the latest tricks of the trade, so you don’t have to.

Search engine optimisation is primarily used for ‘organic’ traffic that doesn’t require paid advertising. On the other hand, search engine marketing (SEM) includes paid advertising services. Website quality and content are essential for both SEO and SEM. When you have a website that is SEO / SEM optimised, you will drive both increased ‘organic’ and ‘paid’ traffic thanks to a high search engine ranking.

What will it Do

SEO and SEM that Will Boost your Business Growth.

At Greenhouse Design Group, we want to boost your business growth. This is why we have a team of SEO and SEM specialists that are prepared to build, audit and maintain an effective search engine optimisation strategy for your business.

Great SEO / SEM means combining robust web development, strong written content, fast server performance and rich embedded keywords. Search engine optimisation and search engine marketing has the ability to move your website to the front page of Google, Yahoo, Bing and any other search engine. This helps put your business at the top of search engine results when users are looking for a specific product or service, and ultimately drives sales, profits and growth.

We have the experience and know-how to effectively manage your SEO / SEM from build to maintenance and beyond.


How GDG Manages Your
SEO and SEM.

If you have used our services for your web design and development, you will already have a robust SEO / SEM structure embedded in your website. Building strong search engine optimisation into your site from the start is incredibly beneficial. Improving a search engine result rank doesn’t happen overnight, so if you can start on your best foot you have a great chance of reaching the front page once your business grows.

Our search engine marketing specialists will embed a robust system in your web design from the beginning, ensuring you always maintain the highest SEO / SEM standards.

If you haven’t had a robust SEO/SEM system built into your website by Greenhouse Design Group, then we can conduct an audit of your website. This will help us identify potential improvements that will send your website straight to the top of any relevant search engine result.

Our experts will analyse your website and write up a full report suggesting optimisations, content and maintenance. We will then be able to implement the necessary changes and help you improve your site ranking and expand your business.

Our specialists will implement SEO friendly website updates, including metadata updates, alt tags, and link maintenance. Improving your search engine result ranking can be a process of trial and error. This is why we recommend you use our experienced specialists. At Greenhouse Design Group, we understand search engine optimisation like no one else.

Choose Greenhouse Design Group for your SEO / SEM management.

We want to help your business grow

At Greenhouse Design Group, we understand that the more your business grows, the more we stand to gain. We want to build a lasting relationship with you. This means that we will be available to help from the early stages of your business through to your global expansion. We can maintain your SEO / SEM from scratch, ensuring you have a strong search engine ranking from the start.

When your business grows we’ll be right there with you to help maintain your search engine optimisation at scale.

We boast experience specialists.

Our SEO specialists are experienced, trained and always knowledgeable on cutting edge techniques for search engine marketing. This means you can trust us to keep you ahead of the competition.

We Prioritise Effective Conversion

We always have the end goal in mind. There is only one way to make your business grow: create profit. We understand that the bottom line is conversion, and will develop your SEO with this in mind.

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