Get tips on how to make SEO Friendly Titles

How Do I Make My Website Titles More SEO Friendly?

This is a common question, because a title on a web page is the first thing both people and search engine spiders will see about your website. In HTML, a title is usually done like this:

How can you make that title better?

With a few well placed tips you can raise your ranks in the search engines.

Tip #1 – Use Keywords
You want to use eye-catching keywords with your title tags that are relative to your web page or website. For example, if you were setting up a website for a shoe store, you would not just put “My Shoe Store”. You would want to use something like, “Adidas, Nike and Puma Shoes for Sale at” or something to that effect.

Tip #2 – Make Your Title Pleasing to the Eye
Sure, “My WeBSiTe!” might look cool, but for the general public, it is not that easy to read. The same thing goes for title in all CAPS. It does not work. Phrase your titles as you would regular sentences, so they are pleasing to the eye rather than an eye sore.

Tip #3 – Pay Attention to Title Order
Always tell me what the page is about, then get into details like your domain name. Including your domain name is good, but it should be saved for last. General rule for web page titles should be description, followed with name.

Keep those three title writing rules in your head, and you will be on the right track to getting ahead in the search engines.

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